Mobile and Web App

Abend was an event discovery and ticketing app with a social twist. Main idea was to give users a quick and simple user interface to discover events/venues nearby where to meet up with friends. What made Abend different from competitors, was the idea to add a social functionality through the app. Users could chat with other event visitors and send each other drink/cocktail tickets. I was hired to re-design some of the existing functions and find good UI/UX solutions to new features.

(Re)Imagining the main events and search

The main problem with the version at that time was that the search lacked the functionality to find events by type or any other keywords and it was really hidden and users were struggling to find it. Events list was visually confusing at times because of lack of whitespace and layered image objects that would blend in with one another.


Old vs New – re-designed events list is cleaner and search has been made as a prominent functionality in the top part of the screen. New search view adds the functionality to search for keywords or use predefined search criterias.


With the new ticketing functionality, users could buy digital event and drink/cocktail tickets that would be redeemed at the venue door or in the bar in the venue. The goal was to make the new user ticketing setup as seamless as possible. With that in mind, I integrated adding a new payment method to the ticket buying flow to make it easier for the user to get tickets as fast and comfortably as possible.


Few examples of the ticket buying process.

Concept of tickets devaluing and wallet view.

Social interactivity

Everyone would have their own profile and users could see each others accounts, visited events, mutual venues and chat. 


Web App

Abend web application had the same event search and ticketing functionality.


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