Rooster is a rider management and data visualisation tool for Foodora Logistics team. The goal of this tool is to show a clear overview of available riders, their shifts, availabilities and absences in a selected place and timeframe. Users can add new open shifts and assign riders to those slots.

Main view

Main view displays week overview of assigned riders in all the districts of a selected city. Over- and understaffing is highlighted to catch the users eye more quickly and encourage them to take action. List of riders can be filtered and sorted in any way, so that the most suitable riders could be assigned.

Day View

Day view gives more detailed information about a workday in a 24 hour timeframe. Every hour is cut into 15 minute segments to get a very clear view of over- and understaffing. Open shifts section shows yet to be filled timeslots.

Adding New Shifts

New shifts can be added via sliding panel where user can immediately select riders to the newly created shift.